Internet Speed Meter to Check the Speed of Internet

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Today, Internet Speed connections can be an added bonus to your network as it allows you to have a speed, faster download, upload and loading of web pages online. If you are a internet user and don’t know what’s the upload, download limit of your internet connection then you can always make use of Internet Speed meter.

These are usually free online tools that help you to know the speed of internet from which, you can evaluate if your ISP is providing a reliable net connection or not. To Check your Internet speed, check out these tools and wait till it gathers the information. There maybe a small deflection in the speed which varies from time to time which can be neglected.

Using one of the speed meter tool, I evaluated my internet connection speed. And here is the report – Yes, I am on a pretty slow connection compared to western countries but that’s the way it works in India 😀


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Atul June 8, 2009

will check taht I am getting promised speed or not thanks for sharing

Nihar June 7, 2009

Thanks for sharing this.

Will check whether my service provider is giving the speed that he promises to give.

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