Tips before Deleting Orkut Account

By Sidharth | Ideas

Deleting your orkut profile? Here are some helpful tips if you are planning to delete your orkut account:

Scrap your Friends

Scrap your friends manually or make use of JavaScript code or powerscrap to scrap all your friends notifying them that you are going to delete the account on You can also link them to your new profile or you can send messages to your friend saying that you have moved onto other social networking sites like Facebook, so that your friends can connect with you.

Backup orkut Profile

If you have crucial information which you may need for future use, you may want to backup your orkut profile. There can be some interesting testimonials, scraps received from your friends that you may want to keep it to yourself. From the friend list you can also save your friend’s email address and add them on your instant messenger or any other social network to connect.

delete orkut account

Download Orkut album

Save orkut album photos on your computer if you have personal pictures on your Orkut profile. There are always some special moments which you may cherish in your life. Keep this photos safe on your computer.

Orkut Community check

For the community owners who are going to delete orkut account can backup their community information or transfer them to other orkut profiles. You can use tools like backup community to save all the data.

Lastly, if you have deleted orkut account unknowingly then check out on how to reactivate the account deleted by requesting the Orkut team.

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