Very High Quality Picture Taken From Camera (1437 MP)

Here is a picture I stumbled across online which was taken during the Obama Parliament speech. This is a very high quality picture captured from the top of the building by a cameraman using 1437 Mega Pixel Camera which is just amazing!

I’ve captured the images just to show you the zooming effects. Check out the below picture, can you guess who is the guy? (I know it’s hard to see anyone from the picture lol)


Let me zoom in the image.. Look what we have 😀


Check out the original pic here and zoom in, zoom out to see the quality of the picture. You can see every single face!

  • hemanth

    i dont think think there is any camera wit so much resolution..

  • Himanshu

    I guess this is not an ordinary camera, this is a camera use to take a picture of vary large area, generally fitted on satellite and spy planes. Amazing photograph.

  • Irek

    What is camera name?

  • JK