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twitter_blog_publish Twitter, a continually rising micro blogging service is a major hit on the web. Although, it has it’s own fallouts, but there are possible ways to promote your blog post on twitter automatically as well.

Suppose you’ve written an blog post and want it to be seen to everyone then you’re just an tweet away. You can tweet your blog post manually or you can post your blog posts on twitter with third party services mentioned below. When you make use of such services, each and every post is automatically tweeted from your twitter account which is pretty cool.

Automatically Tweet Blog Posts on Twitter

Listed below are some of the services that will help you to make your blog posts visible on twitter to your followers automatically. This is a one time set and forget task, make an account on any of the website, add your blog feeds and let the free service pull the feeds, automatically publish every blog post on your twitter account.

The first and the best one has been that comes from the maker of stumbleupon. instantly tweets your blog post once you add your account information in the settings.


Rss 2 twitter is another service that has been out their for quite a long time. With RSS2twitter you can add multiple twitter account and multiple blog feeds can be published anytime!

Twitter Feed has been widely popular, although a bit sluggish at times. With twitterfeed your blog posts are tweeted automatically. Pretty decent service.

I guess, that’s it for now. All of the above mentioned websites have been the best performing rss feeds puller and does the job for you! If you know any other website that efficiently post tweets of the blog post on twitter then let me know 😉

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