Windows Live writer trick – Auto save your posts

When I was writing this post on Multi client IM using windows Live writer ,their was a sudden power cut which resulted in loss of the whole content and sadly I had to rewrite it again.This is not the first time I have lost content,I try to keep articles saving to the local draft.But I figured out that windows live writer had an auto saving post option which saves each post automatically.


If you are using Windows live writer to post on your wordpress blog then you can enable  the auto save post option/trick by following this steps :

Open your Windows Live writer

Go to tools

Click on options

A dialog box appears which looks like this


Just check the Automatically save drafts every _ minute,you can write any number in the box.I have set mine to 3 minutes which means I don’t have to save my post manually,Live writer will automatically save my post to the local draft after every 3 minutes.Click OK and you are done!

  • Rockstar Sid

    @Everyone thanks for your awesome comments… This blog is alive just bcoz of your precious comments :-) Thanks a lot!!

  • Nicholas francis

    thnx for the tip, I used to face with this problem when i didnt have UPS for my computer. BTW I like blog name & logo very much. You and blog rocks dude!

  • Rajaie AlKorani

    I prefer writing my posts with HTML so no extra formatting occurs.

  • Bob

    Thanks! buddy , i always used tp press the Save Draft so many times…

  • stratosg

    well i don’t know why but the writer app did not make me happy. there is no reason what so ever but i like the wordpress wysiwyg. nice find though it is something that is hard to notice 😀

  • Madhur Kapoor

    Now why didn’t i notice it before . I used to press Save Draft a lot while writing posts.