Free Upgrade to Mountain Lion 10.8

So how can I download Mountain Lion for free? Can I have a free update or special discount on Mac OS X 10.8?

Apple is giving away Mountain Lion 10.8 as a free upgrade to newer Mac models. In other words, older Mac computer users will have to pay to obtain a copy of Mountain Lion — yes, it’s not free for you guys!

Here are the two ways to get a free upgrade to Mountain Lion:

Purchased your Mac between June 11, 2012, and July 25, 2012

If you have ordered your Mac — iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air — in between the above-mentioned dates from any of the Apple Store — includes online store, retail and Apple authorized reseller — then you can claim your free OS X Mountain Lion upgrade. You will be automatically notified via email about this offer.

The email will contain a redemption code, which you have to apply in the Mac App Store. After you enter the code, Mountain Lion price will drop from $19.99 to $0. Go ahead and download Mountain Lion on your Mac.

Note: If you haven’t received any email or an error occurs while applying the redemption code, please contact Apple Customer Care for a new Mountain Lion code.

Purchased your Mac after July 26, 2012

If you fall under this category, you don’t have to buy Mac OS X 10.8 from the Mac App Store. If your Mac isn’t updated with the newer OS, always send an email to Apple Customer Care.

Note: If you have purchased older Macs — including refurbished ones — after July 26th, you are still eligible for a copy. You should know that old Macs do not come with OS X Mountain Lion.