Copia Color E-Reader? Cheapest E-book Reader Takes on Amazon Kindle

By Jay Shah | Gadgets

If you think that the e-book readers have become really cheap, after recent price-cuts announced by both Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble for their devices, a new kid on the block is going to make you re-think. Copia, a DMC Worldwide subsidiary, has just come out with plans to introduce a $99 color e-reader!

This cheap e-book reader device will have a 5-inch color LCD display, besides 2GB or storage and Flash memory each. It will weigh around 42 lbs and have 64MB of RAM.

And this device will be the base model, in range of products which Copia hopes will take on the big boys such as the Kindle and the Nook head first. There is a 7-inch reader under $130 and two six-inch readers resembling the Kindle at just under $150 and $160 for Wi-Fi and non Wi-Fi versions. Moreover the company has also got plans for a $299.99 Wi-Fi enabled tablet with a 10.1 inch screen. Awesome eh?


Copia's E-book Reader and the new Amazon kindle

As far as the $99 e-reader is concerned, Copia is targeting those who cannot afford a Kindle or a Nook. But penetration–pricing is not the only weapon in the Copia arsenal. It is also going to launch a ‘social e-reading’ platform called Copia, which will be rolled out as a beta version this month.

And what does this platform offer you? Well, it will be a bookstore and social network rolled into one. There will be about 450,000 titles to choose from at first, plus features from Facebook Open Graph and online reading community Goodreads.

On Copia, you will get a superior reading and discussion experience with like minded people who love to read. You can also invite your Twitter or Facebook contacts to join you on this e-reading platform. Buying books online can also become a lot easier, because you longer have to rely on blurbs only to guess the worth of the book.

Every book will have reviews and rating provided by other users on the platform. There will also be a separate community rating for books, reviewed by your contacts.

It will be interesting to see how the Copia copes with the Kindle, but for now it looks like an exciting prospect.

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