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Previously we made a work around on how to save flash games using Firefox browser and here is a tool that does exactly the same with a feature to convert the downloaded swf flash file. iWisoft is a flash content downloader that downloads Swf files from Internet websites and converts them for free. All you need to do is enter the website url which has any flash content, flash games or animation and the flash downloader will search, rip the swf flash part and save them onto your hard disk.


Some of the features of iWisoft swf flash downloader includes

1. Download and save flash games and flash content from any website.

2. Preview before downloading any flash website content.

3. Convert flash to images instantly. Related : Convert images to swf Flash

4. Convert swf flash to avi, mpeg and flv format.

If you have any swf flash content which you want to convert to avi or flv format then upload them to any free webhost as a html page, paste the url to flash downloader and convert them into the desired format. There are various ways you can make use of this flash utility!

Free Flash downloader – Download now

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