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By Sidharth | New Product

You don’t have to creep through market for finding your music album nowadays, because of the whopping amount of online stores available just for you. With a simple search you can find your favorite album, buy single songs and download them instantly. Burn them into a CD or DVD and keep it safely in your shelf.

And usually when you are downloading album music from iTunes or online stores, you will have to find a cover for the same. This can be achieved by Cover search engine or with this free software known as Album Art downloader.


The Album Art Downloader is 700kb freeware allowing you to search for album covers on CD, DVD quickly. You can assign multiple CD cover and set it as front, back CD covers for your audio CD. This acts like an desktop search engine for covers where it searches amazon,, CD universe and 10+ popular websites for the cover. Just add artist name and album to discover the proper covers, with a click of a button you can save them!

Download Album Art Downloader

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