Download Yahoo! Messenger 3.0 beta for Mac

By Sidharth | New Product

Mac users, time to rejoice as the new version of Yahoo! Messenger for Mac OS has been unleashed by the behemoth Yahoo! recently.

This Mac Yahoo messenger 3 is currently in beta (beta 4) but with a lot of performance, bugs issues fixed and tonnes of features added, you should be able to play it smooth. You can make a free voice call to Mac and Windows messenger user along with the option to send voicemail to your email id.

Yahoo! for Mac also includes a brand-spanking new stealth setting for users to appear offline to specific contacts, so that you can hide your yahoo messenger status from unimportant contacts. Don’t want to talk to your girlfriend? No problem.

The new version also allows you to add Windows MSN ID to your contact list, which is another added benefit of this messenger.



Download Yahoo! Messenger For Mac


Other features of Yahoo! Mac messenger includes chat room message archiving, clear messages from the online pingbox chat. Also, Yahoo! has sprinkled some amount of customization on the UI and changing skins couldn’t get any easier than this.

Will I download the Yahoo! Messenger?

I have. It’s free and it’s pretty good-looking on my iMac machine. So, go ahead and download — talk and swim in the ocean of Yahoo!

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