Touch Artist Mouse: Microsoft’s Special Touch Mouse.

By Sidharth | New Product

Microsoft’s special mouse, intended primarily for Windows 7, promises to simplify on-screen actions like scrolling, changing window size and has a snappy finger gesture recognition.

The Touch Artist Mouse by Microsoft is not another fly-by-night mouse; instead, as Microsoft puts, Touch Artist mouse is the most fluid way to navigate Windows 7, and the  “natural gestures” gives this mouse an edge over the others.

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Microsoft’s new Touch Artist mouse features BlueTrack technology, which lets you place the mouse on virtually any surface. Switching between tasks, flicking through the pages and pictures is easier thanks to the finger gesture feature. In addition, Microsoft has also refined the gesture recognition feature.

Here are the host of features the Microsoft’s version of Magic Mouse includes:

One Finger – Scroll, flick, or pan any direction for quick navigation. Sweep your thumb to go forward or back.
Two Fingers – Snap to see your windows side by side, or maximize and minimize.
Three Fingers – Show all open windows or reveal your desktop.
Contoured shape – Superior comfort that’s designed to fit your hand.
Plug-And-Go Nano Transceiver – Leave the Nano Transceiver plugged in when you’re on the go, or stow it in the mouse.
BlueTrack Technology – BlueTrack Technology allows this multi-touch mouse to go virtually anywhere.

Link to the product.

Price of Microsoft’s Touch Artist Mouse.

Priced at $79.99, this white beauty, with a rough-looking embroidery carving on the top, will be available in the stores soon. As of this writing, Microsoft has also mentioned on their website that no online dealers are selling this mouse, and the mouse will presumably hit the US stores first.

If you have been craving for a white touch mouse branded with Microsoft label, the Touch Artist mouse is just for you, as it is attractively designed and has an ergonomic shape that is suitable equally for everyone using Windows.

Microsoft Touch Artist Mouse supports Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP OS.


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