Smile for Camera? Auto Detection Camera Puts Fake Smile

By Sidharth | Gadgets

Another instance on how technology can really impinge upon this world! Whether you are way too lazy to smile for an camera shot, or you just got captured in the wrong mood.. well then, just check out this weird gadget that can put an fake smile on your face automatically whenever an photo is captured from it.

The auto smile gadget named Artificial Smile is an camera that makes it way from Germany, albeit release of this camera is unconfirmed, but the concept is really alluring.

Check out the screenshots on how this auto smile creator camera can transform a sullen face into an joyful, happy face 🙂 So.. kill those frowny faces in the party!



No need to have those cheesy smile for camera anymore! But, there is an element of doubt if this can really detect all the facial expressions and bring a smile on them… if it doesn’t then we do have Photoshop for that eh? 😀

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