UTweet Creates Funny Twitter Timeline Video

By Sidharth | Internet

Twitter has been given such huge important that even the public twitter messages are archived in Library of congress (link) is really something to talk about.

I’ve been using twitter, mostly to brag about myself, from quite a long time now. I like to meddle with any new twitter application that’s out on the web and I have to say some of these services never fails to amuse me.

Today, I found out Utweet, one of those amusing service that creates funny video based on our twitter timeline. Your recent twitter tweets will be fetched and a video is automatically generated by utweet which is pretty creative.


Enter your twitter username or any keywords you’d like to create funny twitter video about. Funny because of the music, the dancing teens and nice visual effects in the video.

You can also share the video link with your friends instantly. Utweet is definitely worth a try. So go ahead and check out Utweet.

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