Instant Online Chat with your blog visitor from Yahoo messenger

By Sidharth | New Product

If you own a blog and curious to know more about your visitors then you can install any chat widget like Shoutmix.The only disadvantage of these chat widgets is that they are publicly seen,So another way to chat privately with the visitors for your blog is to use Woopra desktop application which is one among the best analytic blog tool for live online chat with your blog visitors.

Similarly yahoo messenger client has introduced Pingbox feature to allow private chat with visitors on your blog/website using Yahoo Messenger.The benefit of this yahoo widget is that your chat will not be publicly visible to any other visitors.You can have multiple chat sessions with different visitors as the IM between you and the individual visitor are private (1:1 conversations).

To start off with Pingbox,just customize your chat box,add display name and then save the pingbox.You will be redirected to html code which must be installed on your blog so that it will allow you to have online live chat using yahoo messenger 9.Pingbox group also shows particular users on the page which gives you an estimated real time traffic analysis 😉 Apart from using Pingbox on your blog/website it can also be used for Social networking sites like Myspace!

Create your own Pingbox!

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