The All New Amazon Kindle: Third Generation Kindle Already Sold Out During Preorder!

By Jay Shah | Gadgets

Don’t be confused because its not been given a new name, but Amazon has indeed announced the next installment of its hugely popular e-book reader, the Amazon Kindle. This e-book reader promises to be 21% smaller and 15% lighter than the previous Kindle device — and is already sold out during the preorder launch.

Moreover, the new Amazon kindle promises a 20% faster refresh rate, which will make for better viewing of the E Ink pages. Amazon’s latest kindle will be available in two colors: graphite and the trademark Kindle-white.

But the new colors are the USP (Unique Selling Point) of the new Kindle. For this time you will have a Kindle ready with wireless configuration! Well, two actually because there will be the Wi-Fi version at $139 and the 3G version at $189. 3G support will be provided by the AT&T network.


The new Amazon Kindle Comes with Wi-Fi and 3G Version

Features of the new Amazon Kindle

The screen remains the same size as the last Kindle and realistically a six-inch screen is about ideal too. Also Amazon claims that this device has 50% better contrast than the last one. The E Ink has also been improved to let you read in bright sunlight.

You now get 4GB internal storage and a battery which will last a month without using wireless internet and 10 days without charging if you use wireless connectivity.

Among minor changes which may improve the looks and handling, there is a streamlined keyboard and altered five-way controls in the Kindle third generation. The rocker is also more compact now and fits in snugly with the rest of the device. The back buttons have been scaled down too. The build quality and materials used also seem to be notch above those used in previous versions.

The software has been tweaked and now includes a webkit-based browser. When the new Kindle is finally launched on August 27th 2010, you will also get a small, pull-out light for reading, as a jacket accessory.

The new Kindle should certainly be an e-book reader to look forward to, because it will be lighter, slimmer and better for reading. Plus, you will be able to store up to 3500 books with the increased storage capacity. Most of all it should be the same e-book reader which you have come to love by now, and as long as Amazon try to fulfill any tablet-aspirations via the Kindle, all’s well!

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