Blogote Stats Update for April 2009 Month

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Yeah! It has been quite some time since we made any announcement on our blog statistics. April was kind of an ordinary ongoing month with less interaction and blog posts as it was difficult for me to keep up with offline and online world. Nonetheless, I achieved in writing a few useful posts and managed to have a consistent traffic which was a bit low compared to the previous month though.

The process of writing these blog statistics posts is to motivate myself, aware the readers about the growth of the blog and to achieve the goals I had set for 2009 year. Back to the statistics, the traffic in the initial stage of the month was quite consistent but somehow it went on decreasing in the mid month but right now it seems to be back on the track. Also there was a 100% uptime according a web monitoring service, so grid hosting service of Media temple for blogote is worth the money.


119,334 Unique Visits

168,327 Pageviews

Once again there was a no-investment promotion but I am happy to have 10k direct visitors which shows that YOU LOVE reading blogote posts 😀 Traffic from the search engine remained consistent as expected. Also I’ve been busy with the college schedules and thinking to study for my upcoming examination that is about to begin in the month of June-July. But I can assure you the blog will remain active and will try to bring in some useful articles and resources.


And it would’ve been impossible to achieve the traffic, earnings without you people. I should thank everyone personally for visiting the blog and making it a success for me. Well, we have a long way to go 😉

P.S – I’ve implemented Google friend connect on the blog that helps in networking and finding out the readers, if you have a minute to spare then please join blogote by using the widget of Google friend connect that is located on the right sidebar. Thanks!

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George Serradinho May 14, 2009

Wow, your stats are really good.

The only thing I would suggest working on is the average time spent on the site. I see it’s less than a minute. It’s good to have so many visitors, but if they aren’t on your site for to long then it does not mean much. That’s my opinion otherwise well done.

Sunil jain May 9, 2009

its almost one year for this site
great work dude 🙂
All the best for your future

Madhur Kapoor May 6, 2009

Awesome Stats buddy. Congrats and best of luck for the future.

Harshad May 5, 2009

Great stats. Btw, what about earnings stats? 😛

Keep it up.

Nihar May 4, 2009

Sid, you really rock. You have got very good stats. Great SE traffic.

Keep it up and Wish you the best for May 2009.

Michael Aulia May 3, 2009’ve got so many search engines traffic! I envy you

Prasanth Chandra May 3, 2009

Whoa..!! Cool stats.. Nice to see you posting about your traffic..

Keep up the good work dude.. All the best

Farrhad A May 3, 2009

These are really good stats 🙂
My 10 month old blog just gets 38k monthly visits.

Good Luck!!!

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