Facebook displaying Sponsored Ads in its Search box

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Now that Facebook has more than 950 million users, they are taking advertisements very seriously. We already had those banner ads in our Facebook’s sidebar, but soon we will get to see ads as we type in Facebook’s search box.

Ads while searching Facebook

Facebook prefers displaying ads before the search results. For instance, type anything big or important in Facebook’s search box, and you will notice ads — “Sponsored” ads — placed on the top while results for your search query are positioned just below the ads.

But if you don’t see any sponsored ad while searching, don’t consider yourself lucky yet. These “search ads” are still rolling out, which means not every logged in user will see these ads. You see, Facebook is in the process of joining hands with big brands to serve advertisements. It is evident that as more and more brands join Facebook’s “advertising program,” users will see these ads much more frequently.

I am not entirely sure if the ads served in the search box are relevant to user’s query, but if Facebook decides to slap irrelevant or plenty of ads, then they are going to annoy its large set of users, and probably many of them may stop using the site altogether. That is certainly not what Facebook wants.

Facebook ads will appear when you search apps and fan pages.

Update: These ads are called “Sponsored Results“ and developers can place their advertisements in the search box by following this guide.

Advertisers can create standard on-site ads (with a 70 character message) that lead to Facebook pages or apps (including custom tabs on their page). Ads can be targeted against Facebook entities, including Pages, Places, Apps, and subscribe-enabled users. Facebook users see the ad when the targeted entity appears in their search results.

Ads only show in desktop search results, not on mobile and not on the “more results” page.

From a user’s perspective, blocking these search ads from the search box seems impossible. It’d be interesting to see how many “Sponsored Results” will Facebook manage to squeeze into its search box.

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