Create Apps and Walk Away With a Free WP7 Device — Only for Developers in India

By Sidharth | Cell Phones

Good news for Indian developers: Be a part of Microsoft’s newest campaign and walk away with Windows Phone 7.

Developers can profit from their mobile apps through advertisement. And now these developers can also earn a free Windows Phone 7, all thanks to the new Microsoft campaign. If you are a developer based in India, enroll yourself into Microsoft’s I Unlock Joy campaign, create and submit apps to win freebies and a brand new Windows Phone 7.

Windows Phone 7

The special campaign goes something like this. Create a Windows Phone 7 app, submit it to the Windows Marketplace and wait for the approval. Once your app is listed in the Marketplace, you’ve won yourself a Windows Phone 7 handset.

Students Claim Your Free Windows Phone 7 Device

  • Visit Microsoft site and register before November 18, 2011 — you should be over 18.
  • Download Windows Phone Developer Tools (free for students) and submit your apps.
  • After successful certification of you app, you can claim your goodies.

You’ll get a free phone only if you submit at least four apps. If you submit only a few (under four) then you’ll be entitled for a Merit Certificate, a cool Windows t-shirt and a 2GB flash drive.

More information.

Developers Get Windows Phone 7 For Free

Port two Android apps to WP7 and walk away with Windows Phone 7. If you can create and publish two apps on Windows Marketplace by March 2012, you can once again walk away with Windows Phone 7. It’s that easy — develop and submit your app. No strings attached. But there’s more…

If you are a female, and you can come up with just one WP7 application, then you quality for a free WP7 device — though this is limited only for the first 100 women developers. More information.

This isn’t a contest. Everyone, who can create and get their apps approved, is a winner. By giving away a free Windows Phone 7, Microsoft is not only earning developers but also drawing flocks of fresh users.

When developers create apps, and more apps, there’s a good chance that few of these apps will open doors for creativity and probably make it huge in the Windows Marketplace. When the number of apps climb at an exceedingly unbelievable rate, which will probably happen through this campaign, Microsoft will then be able to flaunt their success in the mobile industry.

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