Latest IE9 Beta Browser: Available From September 15

By Jay Shah | Microsoft

Firefox and Chrome beware, the Internet Explorer 9 is almost here. Microsoft has announced that the latest and completely revamped IE9 browser will be launched at a tech event on September 15, 2010. So, will the IE9 actually reshape the browser landscape completely? Well, that’s what remains to be seen!

In September you will get to see the IE9 in its full glory, for the first time after months of speculation surrounding what it will be all about. And the fact is that this browser will be nothing like the IE8 or any of its predecessors.

This is the first time a browser will be equipped with advanced hardware acceleration. DirectX resources will be utilized to enhance graphics and AJAX rendering. So the bulky websites will now utilize the Graphics Processing Unit in your PC or notebook while opening up. And this is supposedly its USP too. But then again this is not all you can get from the bulked up IE9.

Here’s a look at some of the other goodies with Internet Explorer 9 browser:

  • The browser may support HTML5, but it is not clear whether it will support all of the standards of the next generation of HTML. Microsoft has kept relatively quite on this front.
  • Advanced JavaScript support which will increase the overall speed and performance of the browser. Will this finally help IE9 to match up to the Firefox or the Chrome browser? Well, let’s hope for that!
  • CSS support should also improve particularly for rounded corners. But this is really nothing special because the other browsers have had CSS support for years now.

Will this be enough for IE9? Microsoft certainly hopes so, because you can be sure that competitors such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari and others are not sitting quietly either. With Windows 7 Microsoft have found a major success, but making it two in a row with the IE9 may be more difficult than it seems. And this will be really important in stemming the loss of market share, chiefly due to the rise and rise of Google Chrome.

The recovery has already been started by the IE 8 bundled with Windows 7. Now for IE9 to carry the movement forward.

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