Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Third Preview

By Jim Roberts | Microsoft

Last Wednesday Microsoft launched the third update to their IE9 platform, staying true to their word of releasing a preview of the platform every 8 weeks.

The launch shows the IE9 capable of playing HTML 5 video and audio as well. IE9’s speed and support for web standards is significantly improved in comparison to the previous IE versions. It includes the Web Open Font Format (WOFF) and the Canvas bitmap graphics drawing standards.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 Preview

Microsoft’s IE program Manager Rob Mauceri mentioned in a conference call that the update of the IE9 continues the pattern of performance and hardware acceleration improvements that they have announced with regards to IE9. Mauceri reiterated Microsoft’s strive to listen to developers and respond accordingly as well as make sure that their promise to update the preview every eight weeks is pushed through.


To show the support for Canvas, the newest IE offering showed on the IE testing drive website samples that included one built with Amazon, previewing a virtual bookstore where the viewers will be able to open books, read excerpts and reviews as well. It’s pretty good!

What’s more with Microsoft Internet Explorer 9

The Canvas implementation of IE9 is hardware accelerated in the GPU, just like the rest of the graphic and typographical support in IE9. Also the the support for HTML5 video/audio support is showcased through IE’s demo collaboration with IMDB that showcase a variety of video clips shown in HD.

All in all, the preview last Wednesday adds a total of 15 new samples that shows off the browser’s new features and capabilities. Although I feel some of the features mentioned were really very basic, like the font readability.

Christen Krogh, Opera’s chief development officer, said that Microsoft’s newest venture into the browser wars was an “attempt to keep in stride”, they applaud Microsoft’s attempts to keep up and improve their browser’s technology and they believe that this newest Microsoft venture will surely make the web better but reiterates that Microsoft for the moment is only playing a catch up game.

When pressed for answers with regards to the  a public release of the version, Maureci only said that the IE team is focused on building speed and support for standards for IE9 and as such there is no time table  for it and no release date has been decided. Can IE finally be our browser choice? I really don’t know. So far I hate the fact that IE 9 preview download is for Win 7 users only. No Windows XP support is a big let down!

Download IE directly from here. (Win 7 only)

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