Microsoft xBox Live Rewards its Loyal Patrons

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Microsoft’s xBox gaming console has been one of the most admired platforms for gamers where they consistently immerse themselves into the likes of the xBox Live marketplace. xBox users worldwide would know for a fact that if they want complete access to all of the features that Microsoft offer, they would need a Gold subscription where they can get their hands on downloadable content.

Apart from the Gold subscription plan, users also need to have their online marketplace wallets filled with some points to get premium access to downloadable content and more. Fact of the matter is that these points can certainly blow a hole into ones pockets. Come December 2, 2010, Microsoft are changing the way gamers use the Live Marketplace.

xBox have announced the introduction of their all new reward loyalty program where they proffer users to gain free points by making them participate in few online surveys and other special bonus offers. For starters, gamers that renew their subscription to a Gold Membership for one month will avail 10 MS Points.

Here is the official statement of the Microsoft xBox Loyalty Reward sheet.


Alternatively, a renewal for 3 months will offer them 30 MS Points that they can redeem at the marketplace. Additionally, participating in monthly surveys and exclusive promotions will also offer them with Live points and other cool prizes.

Critics have stated that the loyalty program to be quite similar to that of Club Nintendo that offers their users with gaming gear. However, as for now, Microsoft are only offer a points reward to their users.

Gamers that wish to take advantage of the program can sign up for free and can build up their awards with xBox. Those that think that 10 – 30 points is hardly anything, they can opt for other offers such as Netfilx subscriptions that will present them with 100 points.

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