New Macbook Pro Launching on March 1, 2011?

By Sidharth | Laptops

When we talk about updates on Macbook Pro, Apple is way behind their schedule. If you remember, last October was the time for the behemoth Apple to spruce up the Macbook Pro, but we heard nothing exceptional. However, if reports from Danish blogger Kenneth Lund are any true, then the new Macbook Pro will be launching very soon.

According to Kenneth, a large Danish Apple reseller is claiming that new Macbook Pros will be arriving on March 1, 2011. Given the fact that Macbook Pro line hasn’t been updated for almost 10 months now, chances of the refreshed Macbook Pro lined-up at the desk of Apple stores are fairly high.

Among the slew of rumors of new Macbook Pro making rounds on the internet, some of the Apple aficionado have come up with their own list-of-features of what’s in store with this officially unannounced Macbook Pro. I’ll cut to the chase and say that: similar to Macbook Air, the Pro is likely to have solid-state storage under its hood. Apple will forgo the optical drive and the body will be heavily inspired from the Macbook Air.

On the other hand, Intel claims that the issue with its processors has been fixed and it will be shipping dual-core i5 and i7 Sandy Bridge processors after 20th of February. Perhaps the Macbook Pros will be refreshed with this new chip?

All these are mere speculation, but the word on the official announcement of the Macbook Pro should be out by anytime in the coming weeks. Exciting times ahead!

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