OpIndia: Anonymous Hackers in India Against Internet Censorship

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A number of websites including The Piratebay, Vimeo, isoHunt, Pastebin have been blocked in India following a court order obtained by Copyright Labs, which is a Chennai-based online anti-piracy service provider.

Airtel and Reliance Internet users have reported that most of the file-sharing sites are inaccessible right now. The numbers seem to increase as we talk.

Against India’s Internet Censorship – Operation India

The Anonymous hackers group are taking a stance against Internet censorship in India. They have already targeted websites of Congress Party, Supreme Court and Copyright Labs. Look at the Anonymous group; it has a history of denouncing sites that wish to control the Internet. This group completely hates Internet censorship. On the other hand, India has a record of censoring websites.

Most of the Indian government sites, which were involved in the Internet Censorship, were taken down yesterday by Anonymous hackers. If you look at @opindia_revenge, the official Indian Anonymous Twitter account, and you will know that the game has just begun.

“Namaste #India, your time has come to trash the current government and install a new one. Good luck. | #SaveTPB #Anonymous #Censorship,” @Anon_Central tweeted.

Even the RBE (Reliance Big Entertainment) site has been added to their target list, so we will soon see the site down. The group is here to validate a point that the Internet is used for good things.

Social networks were abuzz with tricks and tips on how to bypass the ban. Even The Pirate Bay has shared tips to unblock torrent sites. Personally, I believe it’s not about bypassing a blocked site — it’s about government’s online restrictions and regulation that is hurting the Internet users in India.

It’s about freedom.

Video Message From Anonymous Hackers:

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