Apple iPad vs. Amazon Kindle

By Kaushik | Gadgets

The Apple iPad has a lot of things bundled up in that sleek aluminium body, one of them being an eBook reader.  The Amazon Kindle has been around for quite some time now and has its own dedicated fan following.

Let’s see how these two devices stack up against each other.

Apple iPad vs. Amazon Kindle

The first thing that anyone notices about these devices is that while the iPad is a multipurpose device and can do hundreds of different things, the Kindle serves only one purpose and that is reading eBooks. But the fact of the matter is that while the iPad is just passable as an electronic reader, the Kindle is fantastic at it.


The kindle’s E-ink technology renders the pages beautifully and even after hours of reading it doesn’t strain the eyes much. The same however cannot be said about the very bright LED screen of the iPad which causes a lot of strain upon continuous viewing.

The black and white Kindle screen also just adds to the easy reading experience which the rich in colour iPad screen just cannot achieve. The difference between the two devices’ reading experience is further amplified in direct sunlight where though the Kindle’s screen does not suffer much, the iPad becomes almost completely unreadable.


The screens aren’t the only thing in the Kindle’s favour, Amazon has repeatedly stated that their goal is to make all of the world’s literature available to read on the Kindle. This means that any and all books are available for Kindle users to download and devour on their devices.

Although the Apple store has quite a collection of books available as well, it pales in comparison to Amazon’s collection. The Kindle trumps the iPad in terms of pricing as well with it being priced at around half of Apple’s device. Though the new Kindle DX is priced too close to the iPad for comfort and with hardly any added functions is a huge let down.

Therefore, solely as an eBook reader the Kindle far out surpasses the iPad. The market share of the two devices cannot be compared though as Amazon keeps a tight lip on its financial details.

Since both these devices aren’t available in retail yet in India it just depends on what you want out of the device you’re considering buying. And though the iPad is available only in the grey market as of yet, the Kindle can be ordered online at Amazon’s website. So in the end you’re faced with a choice between a purpose built device and a multipurpose one. Happy reading!

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