How does the New BlackBerry Webkit Browser Fare on Blackberry OS 6?

By Jay Shah | Cell Phones

BlackBerry users are expecting a lot from the new Blackberry OS 6, but the web browser should easily be on top of an ‘improvement wish-list’. And now that the new web browser with WebKit rendering is here, the question is whether it is good enough to be called an improvement.

Well, compared to the earlier browser it is indeed a marked improvement and makes browsing a much more enjoyable experience on Blackberry smartphones. But you will surely agree that comparing it with the best in the business would be a sure-fire way of finding out its real worth.

As its primary competitors the BlackBerry browser will have the Apple iOS4 Safari and the Android 2.1 Chrome, both of which are established operating systems even outside the mobile arena. And tests have been conducted to find out how the BlackBerry browser fares against these two.

And what these comparisons reveal may not sound too good for the ardent BlackBerry fans. The new web browser does not outperform the tow other browsers on any count, whether on 3G or while browsing on a Wi-Fi network. But on the brighter side, as far as overall speed, refresh rates, and multi-tabbed browsing is concerned the browser does not lag behind a lot.

The few seconds by which it is beaten by the Safari and the Chrome reflect the improvement that has been achieved. Okay, so it’s not a world beater yet, but nobody expected it to be one!

One more reason behind the fact that the other browsers seemed better in head to head comparisons is that the new BlackBerry Torch (the device which comes pre-loaded with the new browser) has got a 624 MHz processor. Both the iPhone 4 and the Android Captivate have faster and more powerful processors powering them.

And because hardware acceleration does influence the speed of browsing, therefore the playing field was not exactly even, you may say. But since this is what you get with the BlackBerry you’ve got to stick with it!

The final word: this browser will give you a lot of joy if earlier BlackBerry browsers have caused you to fret and fume frequently.

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