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First of all I am really impressed by the comments  I received in my last post on Free faxing which inspired me to make this post.

Best analytic tools for a blog

Detailed and meaningful tracking is a must for every blogger or website owner. They help you understand your blogs capability, type of visitors, your popular posts and your best niche. The tracking services/tools requires you to install a small script to track your website and give you detailed report on it.

I use Google analytics, Woopra and Reinvigorate, make sure you don’t use more than two good tracking services or your blog will load slowly. Here is my compiled list on some of the best tracking/ analytic services for a blog

1. Google Analytics – Perhaps the most accurate and widely used tool. Google analytics provide detailed correct information with good.Also it has features of keyword campaign and adword integration.

2. Woopra – I love this, first you need to apply your blog for approval. I t took one month for woopra to approve Apart from tracking Woopra has very good facility (the above picture is taken from woopra ) like click to chat with others,members tagging and hell lot of features can be seen here. This is must for people who hate Google analytics or want to track traffic in real time.

3. Reinvigorate -I don’t know how many people know about this because reinvigorate is still under Private Beta so you need an invitation to use this service(curious!). If you need an invite go and request for one from reinvigorate .

4. Statcounter – Boy, I love this one (I have this installed in my other web site). The facility is real time but not attractive like Woopra. They provide reports on entry pages, popular posts, search engine clash and lots of other stuff. Certainly deserves a place in the top analytic tools.

5.Sitemeter – Many tech blogs use sitemeter for tracking, also the stats can be shown publicly or held private.  It is simple and similar service like statcounter. Worth trying!

6. 103bees – Provides natural search engine traffic analytics report and in depth information like other analytic tools. This has gained good amount of popularity in a quick time, perhaps due to the fact that it helps to build negative keyword lists for PPC campaigns.

7. Livestats – Helps you to track your marketing campaigns, e mails to banners and provides in-depth information on the traffic to know your blogs performance.

8. Performancing Metrics – Good tracking services, the extra ordinary thing about performancing is if your traffics are among the top 20 websites then  you will get yourself a PR7 link back from main home page.

9. Robot Replay – What does Robot Reply do apart from tracking? It lets you record and watch your website visitors in action, real time. View the recorded sessions of every mouse movement, click and keystroke to gather more information on where your visitors click. Extremely useful analytical that is free.

10. Xlogan 2.0 – Xlogan is a tool for generating statistics of your blog/web site which reveals good amount of information such as the back links, how people drop into your web site from search engine, how often each file is downloaded,which country does the visitor present and so on.

11. GoStats – Gostats analytical is pretty much similar to other services but  it also comes with a prediction figure which encourages you to blog more and more. You can change the text menu to graphic menu with a simple click.

11.CrazyEgg – Provides information on where the number of clicks done in your blog. Just install to pass your time.

12. MyBlogLog – You can make contacts and also see good blogs, it also includes the statistics of ads clicked at the first place.

13. Spotplex – Check your blog rank and see what is happening in your blog,but if you visit the website Spotplex,  you will come to know that they are offline

“This was a very hard decision for us and we are sure you will miss the service as much as we do.If you have embedded a Spotplex tracking code on your site, please remove it.  You might get an error message if you still have it beyond 5/9. “

14. Motigo –  See a visitor map of which country and city your visitors come from.Analyze the browser they are using and which country they belong too.

15. TraceWatch – Just access to your server and install Tracewatch,should be running PHP/MySQL

16. Co.mments – Track comment threads starting on your blog and follow them elsewhere in a feed

17. Enquisite – Free extremely detailed web visitors report for your blog/web site

18 Getclicky – While I was writing this post,one guy suggested me about Get clicky and yeah this is a  great web analytic program to try. Some good features are Intuitive filtering system, Developer API, detailed results about individual visitor,visual organization.

19. RCounter A tracking and analyzing service for better tracking.

20. AWStats I don’t know how many rely on Aw stats but this is a bit useful sometimes though(especially when you are selling a blog),it is a old method which gives inaccurate results.

21. TheWebalizer –  This is a web server log file analysis program which produces detailed repots in an HTML format for easy understand and for viewing in a standard browser like firefox.

22. AXS – This is a script like web statistics Montage which tells you from the where visitors are coming from, charts their flow through your site and about exit,entry pages.

23. Web Statistics Montage v.3.5 If you have c panel and aw stats installed then you can use web statistics Montage, this script proved to be useful for many webmasters

24. OpenWebScope Software – Creates HTML visitor statistical reports for your website which supports all types of hosting, also it dynamically analyzes the log files across the network via the FTP protocol.

25. Active Meter – You can add any number of account and get a real time tracking! Worth giving a try.

26. eWebCounter – Works same as sitemeter and stat counter, pretty simple to use and 100% free.

Phew! If you feel I have missed any worthy blog tracking analytical tool then let me know.

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