Best Paypal Alternative, Online Money Transfer Service better than Paypal?

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Ranting about the latest Paypal issues of payment reversed and listing out the best of the best paypal alternatives for money transfer.

Okay, perhaps paypal is was the best form of money transfer online. It’s easy and fast. It was used to be quite reliable as well. Lately, paypal have come up with an inept approach towards it’s paypal users and this time they have targeted Indian users.

They have reversed all the payments that were done by using personal option, note that when we use personal option in paypal, fee cut is avoided. That’s how everyone used to transfer money without fee but now the button has been disappeared.. clever paypal! I guess reversing payment is their new feature 😀


Although, not much has been disclosed by paypal on why are they causing the payment reversed which is an absolute disaster, but let’s update that news later and check out the paypal alternatives as I am sure many souls have been willing to move from paypal to other websites like paypal for keeping their money safe.

One big question arises when we search for a better paypal alternative is, are they reliable? If you’ve trusted paypal then you can trust their alternatives as well. Of course, they are not as popular as paypal but serves the purpose of transferring money and have better money management system. Answer to the question – Almost trustworthy.

So, which are the best payment processing and online money transfer system next to paypal?

Here is the list of my best paypal alternatives, if you think I might have missed any of the service then let me know.

  • MoneyBookers – Less fee rate, online since 2004 and the best paypal alternative. More popular among freelancers.
  • AlertPay – A private payment processing system, does the job. But, a little high fee for adding funds. Online since 2004.
  • Paypay – Sounds like paypal? This is an different service that allows wire transfer to certain countries. Online since 2003.

For transferring money to an individual try out escrow services which is one to one authorized payment service, usually used while making an acquisition of an online property or business. If you’re using paypal for buying from ebay or shopping online stuffs then use Google’s own Google Checkout service which is free and works with almost every country in the world.

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Richard Caspa March 3, 2015

Hey! thanks for this post, I think that there already are good alternatives to Paypal, and money transfers and payments can be processed by other means. For money transfers to India and other countries I like Xoom, I find it reliable and easy to use service. For accepting payments there are several other options not mentioned in the post, like 2ceckout, paysera or payoneer. They all, of course, vary on price and other features. Therefore, after some research it is possible to find a good match for one’s needs.

Mike D January 5, 2011

I agree with you Bishop. PayPal has become a huge pain. I am extremely tired of all of the charge backs to my account when a customer complain comes in, especially when there is information documented that should put the complaint in my favor. I have also heard that the taxes that they are going to start charging this year for ebay transactions that go through payal are going to be much more exorbitant than they should be. I would really like to find a good alternative to paypal. Hopefully one of these could be the solution. Thanks for the great article Sid.

Bishop Michael D. Jones,D.D. January 3, 2011

Paypal has become a pain and unreliable resource. I’ve repeatedly continue to call customer service to no avail and my account is still limited for no apparent reason.

RRH February 6, 2010

Well this service work in India also they support linking bank account like paypal?
Nice Post, Welcome Back in Blogger World

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