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Bible, a Holy book of Christian and Jewish people, is one of the widely read religious book in the whole world. You don’t have to buy a bible to read its content, as it is now easier to read Bible online at no cost. Here is a way to read both the Old and New testament of the Sacred Christian Bible online — that too in an interactive way!

This free service is provided by Bible Maps from “He Lives Ministries” that makes reading Bible much more interesting — it comes with Maps feature. As you are reading the Bible on this site, there’s a map (Google Maps) taking you to the destination corresponding to the current Bible page being read. So if you are reading a page from a particular chapter, you will be taken to that exact location.

Bible Online

Visit the website, select the type of book (Old Testament or New testament) and the chapter, and the Bible Maps will display location on the map! Currently Bible Maps is in beta but already has the whole Bible content in a sidebar. If you are searching ways to read online Bible, then this site is worth a try. You may also use simple wikipedia if you want to understand more about Bible in a simple, plain English.

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