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Making a virtual character can be a daunting task. In a way, this can be addictive and fun as well. If you are going to create virtual characters online then read on for websites that allows you to create virtual talking person online instantly.

There are also number of commercial services that provides virtual talking character for your website or web support at a nominal subscription. If you are willing to create simple virtual characters online just for the sake of fun then those services aren’t feasible.

Anyway, here are some of the ways to make virtual characters online without spending any money. Use these sites and make talking virtual characters:


Widget box – An virtual character anime that is pretty awesome as it rolls it’s big eyes wherever the cursor is moved. You can add this to facebook, your website or blog.

Gizomo – One of the best and easy way to create virtual characters, some are funny and some are quite professional looking virtual persons where you can add text to speech or record the voice from your microphone. It’s free and simple solution with a good number of features (You need an account to get your virtual character, it’s free though).

Another basic avatar website which has highly configurable feature is Yahoo avatars (You need an Yahoo! account) where you can add tons of accessories for the character. But, Gizomo virtual character service is much better as it includes pre-recorded tunes (audio) for your animated avatar!

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shermaine October 23, 2010

u rock

anjuma March 15, 2010

heyy ppl yh i fink i agree init lik nd im 12 in high skool yh nd im gettin pissed off lol cya ppl nd oh yh go to fantage mmmmmuuuuuuuucccccchhhhhhh beter init doh hehe!!! cya ppl!!!

Branny666 January 21, 2010

well you wouldnt find it interesting because your 7 and you stick to your girlsgogames theres nothing wrong with that. this is a more mature site maby in a few years youll get it

    anjuma March 15, 2010

    loooooooooooooool u got dun yr 7 gal hehe btchez init bt iz brin hehe

tashina December 23, 2009

this is totally boring.i am 7 as, u can see.this games is wrong. why not visit,you will find it inter-esting.ssodo not bother about this is wee-eak.bye people!

    Mike March 21, 2010

    Seems a little sad when someone pretends to be something they aren’t. Just to promote a website.

    If your not happy with a service or site. Just keep walking. Why bother leaving a negative message?

    I’m actually still looking for an AI Virtual Character to add to the Web Page. And think this might be the trick.

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