Free Yahoo Disposable Mail Address?

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Yahoo! mail launched Yahoo disposable mail address features recently which will filter out spams or specific keywords allowing you to block spam mails and unwanted junk emails from approaching your inbox.

Free Service?

NO. As of now, Yahoo disposable mail address service isn’t free and is rather quite expensive compared to the free temporary disposable service available online. But the spam guard Yahoo feature integrated with your mail account is free, the disposable yahoo address would cost you 20$ per year and is good enough for professional business organization or the one who doesn’t know what to do with all the money he has 😉

On a positive note, once you have upgraded to Yahoo mail plus feature – along with disposable account, your account will remain active for lifetime and there is no need to reactivate the account due to inactivity. The yahoo disposable mail address looks like the same yahoo mail account ( with 200 filters available to stop spams.


Of course, anyone having an account with Yahoo can get there own disposable email address but you need to upgrade to mail plus. Maybe a much needed feature (Wish it was free!) but again I prefer using Mailinator, spam box and other disposable email services..

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Ahmed August 13, 2009

Disposable address in yahoo mail classic is free as far as I know.

Sidharth June 19, 2009

@Old Man Dotes – I totally agree with you…

Again the free disposable services fills the need. Why pay for Yahoo service when you can get the same service for free 😉

But I believe, some people who are not aware of free service and who LOVES Yahoo as there primary email address would go for this. It’s just a matter of choice…

Thanks for dropping by!

Old Man Dotes June 18, 2009

No professional should EVER use a Yahoo or Hotmail address. IT smacks of being a clueless amateur. With domain names selling for around US$7/yr, there’s no reason any professional can’t have their own domain, and (for example) GoDaddy hosts email very cheaply using *your* domain name. their spam filtering is pretty good, too. Yahoo’s is quite poor in comparison.

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