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By Sidharth | Web resources

Last week I had written an article on some of the essential Firefox addons for easy blogging, and today we have an addition to that gallery: Zemanta.

Zemanta is a powerful addon for Firefox browser that makes blogging super-easy.

So what is Zementa?
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Platforms including Word Press, Blog spot and Type Pad are supported by Zemanta. As one would expect, Zemanta is a completely free-to-download addon.

How to use this Zementa?

Firstly, you need to download Firefox. As you know, Firefox is yet another, and highly-popular, web browser available for free. Now you have to download the Zemanta addon and restart your Firefox browser.

Log in to your blogging dashboard — Word Press, in our case — and start writing the new post. Here you’ll notice the power of Zemanta, which resides on the sidebar and provides useful snippets, images and information as you write.

How does it work?

You can write whatever you feel like in your blog post (because it is your blog) and Zemanta will automatically glean the information from the web and bring it to your dashboard. It is that easy and powerful!

Feel the power of blogging and use Zemanta right now! Oh, and remember that Zemanta puts up its own website link after every post, which can be removed though! Go ahead and try out this addon.

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