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Let’s say you are 20 year old, and you want to know how would you look centuries ago? As you could assume, you will have a hard time recognizing yourself. Here is a interesting tool that is based on Charles Darwin Evolution theory. This image tool will transform your face photo into an ancient Ape.

The initiative from open University is already popular which transforms yourself into a Homo Sapien (ancient human being) that resembles ape. You can see yourself centuries ago. Check out this fun photo below to know how a modern human face looks like a million years ago:

Check out Devolve me

Pretty cool, right? Your photo can be transformed into older you. You’ll hardly be recognized, such that even the apps that uses facial recognition technology will fail to find you. And yes, the tool is not at all accurate but it “guesses” what you may look like.

The process to get your own funny “ape” face is quite simple – upload your own image and frame it properly so that your facial expressions matches. Now devolve the image — you can transform and see yourself half million, or better yet, two million years ago. Do not be scared, it’s just you without a makeup! For more, check out how to have fun with your photos using these online tools and create your own fake covers to fool your friends.

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