Review: Whole New World of Sony Free Realms MMO Game [Massive-Multiplayer Online]

By Jim Roberts | Web resources

Several friends introduced me to the world of MMO or massive-multiplayer online games. I had no idea that there were a lot of options for in-game purchases for these online games.

Some offer monthly subscriptions, pay-per-play, and free-to-play. These MMO games offer a wide array of games from older ones like the ever popular World of Warcraft to new releases like Warhammer Online. But when you look at these games, most of them cater to much older players. This is why Sony created the kid-friendly MMO Free Realms.

My Sony Free Realms MMO Review

I tried the games for myself. The graphics were rather impressive. I became interested myself after seeing them.

MMO Free Realms is free-to-play making it even more inviting. It has now been able to generate more than ten million players, constantly increasing as of this writing, making it a huge success in the industry of online games. When you play these games, other than being free of charge, you don’t have to deal with software installations, all that is required is a stable Internet connection. After you log in, the game automatically runs in your Web browser.

In the typical MMO games, we choose our characters then go through a series of stages. With these games, the concept Sony used is rather different, this is because Free Realms is meant for much younger players first and foremost. As I started to play, I learned that enjoying these games would need an open mind. If you are only interested in a typical MMO system then you won’t probably enjoy Free Realms.

Free Realms was designed to introduce first time players to the online world by providing game training and social interaction applications like chat. I started with their line of 2D/3D mini-games.

After a while, I proceeded with their Adventure Gameplay feature where most of the games were on combat and exploration. Free Realms also come with Simulation games for those who may be interested in virtual gardening, housing, and pets.

Parents will surely be pleased with the kid-friendly MMO experience offered by Free Realms. Not only are the games less confusing but the numerous gameplay options ensures pure enjoyment even for players who are much older. Probably the only downside is the subscription feature because Sony restricts a number of games for paying players only. But considering how Sony intends to support the MMO for a long time, we can expect Free Realms to improve.

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