Quick Review: Smartron t.phone P Delivers Power At An Affordable Price

Year 2016 was special.

It was when we saw companies like Smartron aiming to take on global mobile giants. First, it started with the Smartron t.phone — then srt.phone — and now we have a new handset titled t.phone P.

We received the Smartron t.phone P one week ago and discovered many interesting features. Then we discovered something far more superior — the company’s never-ending quest to build an ecosystem.

Perhaps that is why t.phone P is an important release for Smartron.

More About The Device

Sporting a 5.2-inch display with 2.5D curved glass, the new Smartron t.phone P is your affordable smartphone costing Rs. 7999.

Moment you pick up the device, you will notice its full metallic body with round edges. On the front there’s a 5 MP camera while the back has a 13 MP sensor with a fingerprint scanner.

The device comes with Snapdragon 435 octa core processor — fairly powerful to run games and perform multi-tasking.

On the software side, t.phone P runs on a skinned version of Android Nougat 7.1.1. Along with Microsoft Office apps, you will also find tonnes of Smartron apps like t.cloud, t.care, and t.store.

More Cool Features

1. OTG Reverse Charging

Charging other phones is easy with t.phone P’s reverse charging feature. Here your t.phone P acts as a portable power bank, and you can connect USB cable to another device to begin charging.

It works well as t.phone P comes with 5000mAH battery.

2. 5000mAH Battery

Perhaps the most important of all. Once fully charged, t.phone P will last for up to 40 hours over voice calls. Or up to 16 hours of YouTube videos. Or up to 24 hours of web browsing.

Inspite of the heavy battery, we have observed the t.phone P weighs only 160 grams.

3. 1000 GB of cloud storage

As Smartron comes with t.cloud, you get free 1000 GB of cloud storage. You simply have to register an account to claim your share of storage.

It’s an important addition to have despite the built-in 32GB of storage.

Unboxing & Quick Review

We have a quick video of t.phone P. You will see the design, the operating system, accessories, and the camera’s new beauty mode.

Smartron t.phone P is currently available on Flipkart.