Helping Startups Expand in India — Techcircle DEMO 2013

Every day startup founders do their best to solve problems, innovate, develop a solid business strategy, and design new things. These founders also take the responsibility to promote their company whenever possible. Fortunately, events like Techcircle DEMO makes their life easier as it brings together many startup founders, experienced entrepreneurs, and investors together.

Techcircle DEMO is a launchpad for emerging startups to showcase their products. In this one-and-a-half day event, I witnessed over 30 startups on the stage demoing their consumer and enterprise products.

In the audience were these big names: Amar Goel, Founder & Chairman, Komli Media India; Mahesh Murthy, Founding Partner, Seed Advisors; Pallav Nadhani, Co-founder & CEO, FusionCharts; Rahul Khanna, MD, Canaan Partners India; Sandeep Singhal, Co-Founder & Partner, Nexus Venture Partners and Vishal Gondal, Founder & CEO, Indiagames.

Some of the companies participating at Techcircle DEMO India 2013 include:

ivyo (from Canvera): Launched by Canvera, Vivyo is an online platform for photographers to showcase, collaborate, market and sell their work online and on social media.

Moxtra: With Moxtra you can easily organise all your documents, photos, videos, drawings in project binders. These Moxtra binders are accessible from your iPad, iPhone and any web browser.

Khemeia: Khemeia transforms unstructured information into structured, indexed, searchable and pertinent information. This enables customers to re-utilise the information on multiple supports (print, web, hand-held devices), store in easy to retrieve archives and make readily available to their users, cost effectively and rapidly.

dMACQ: dMACQ is a browser-based application with latest technology for mergers & acquisition eco-system. dMACQTM maps the entire M&A deal life cycle and is tailored for different end users viz. strategic corporate acquirers, financial investors such as private equity or the advisory community.

Cofferce: Cofferce is a retail ecosystem platform application with customer engagement driven through smart phones and tablets, Point of Sale management through tablets and a web application for retailer management.

Bizgain: Bizgain is a Digital Marketing Dashboard for executives at multi-channel advertisers who are responsible for budgeting and delivering ROI through Digital Media campaigns.

At the end of the day, as a blogger who aspire to be an entrepreneur, I took away a lot of valuable knowledge home. Platform like Techcircle DEMO is also a great place for networking. I met several founders, exchanged business cards, and learned how passionate and dedicated these founders were towards their company.