Advice to iOS Facebook Users: Delete Cache to Save Space

By Sidharth | Apple

We thought 16GB storage space on iPhone was ridiculously huge. Even an iPod Touch with 8GB was more than enough to store music, apps and install a couple of our favorite games. But as we use these devices regularly, we unconsciously accumulate a lot of things and eventually run out of storage space. But even if you haven’t downloaded apps, recorded videos or captured high-quality photos, the device has little to no space — do you know why?

Because sometimes the data is stored locally on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. Some of the apps, of which Facebook is one of them, caches the data and stores them on the device, eating the precious space reserved for installing new apps, games, etc. Here’s a screenshot of iOS Facebook app, which happens to consume a lot of space on iPhone 5, iOS 6:

Facebook on iOS consuming a lot of disk space

The new Facebook app for iOS is only 15MB, yet it manages to store over 1GB of junk on your iOS device. However, you can recover this space, but for this you have to willingly sacrifice all the saved data. If you are up for this, then follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings > General > Usage > Facebook > Delete App
  • Download the app once again.

This will remove the cached content. Next time you are using the Facebook app, cached data will accumulate again, so you have to repeat the same process of deleting and reinstalling. While this is frustrating, but we are left with no other option. To completely avoid iOS devices from storing Facebook’s cache on your device, use the mobile version by visiting

There are also temporary system files, or partially downloaded apps and games taking space on your iOS devices, which can be fixed by following these two posts:

Do you have cached content stored on your iOS devices? If so, do you delete them frequently? Drop your comments in the comment section below!

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