The Place Where Most of the iPhones are Damaged / Smashed

By Sidharth | Apple

How many of you destroy your iPhones everyday? What? You’d never do that?

All of us love our smartphones, and we certainly try to protect them as much as we can. There are, however, some people who love to experiment. For instance, the video below shows how a bunch of dudes are choking an iPhone by placing it into a bowl filled with liquid nitrogen (not a safe chemical to play with) and finally smashing the crippled device to the floor untill it finally splits into pieces. Pretty intense stuff! Check out the video…

But have you every thought where exactly do most of us damage our iPhones?

A survey conducted by Squaretrade reveals that 51% of the iPhone accidents happen around our home. Among the top 5 danger zones, our kitchen (21% agree) is where we are likely to drop our iPhone.

Another 18% of iPhone owners drop their devices when they are in the living room, and a surprising 9% of people accepted to have dropped the iPhone in the toilet.

The survey also reveals that water is the commonly spilled liquid on our iPhones.

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Squaretrade surveyed over 2000 iPhone owners to obtain this data, which has been converted in the form of infographics and is available below:

Damaged iPhone Survey & Infographics

Via Squaretrade

Have you ever smashed your iPhone? Were you shattered when you dropped your own or your friend’s iPhone on the floor? Let us know by dropping your comments below.

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