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Karthik is a 19 year old blogger from Karnataka, India. He's a hardcore tech addict and always keeps himself up-to date with the latest technology; be it the latest tech news or the newly released gadgets. He's also a social networking enthusiast and can be found active on twitter @k_karthikp

Ways to Open PDF files on iPod Touch

By Karthik P | Apple

My iPod Touch lets me do almost anything that an iPhone can do, of course it doesn’t let me call but I can listen to my favorite songs, music videos, play cool games, access internet and much more. The Notes feature in iPod Touch is nice, too. I sometimes use it to type some important notes […]

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Top Windows 7 themes for XP

By Karthik P | Features , Microsoft

I still remember when Windows XP was considered as one of the best Windows operating systems. It was launched with a rock solid combination of stunning looks and brilliant performance. Even the launch of Windows Vista had very less effect on the popularity of Windows XP. On the other hand, the latest Windows 7 is […]

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Top Antivirus For Linux

By Karthik P | Features , Others

Linux is easily one of the most secure operating system, added that it is least prone to virus and malware attacks. However, we cannot conclude that it is completely free from viruses. Best Antivirus Programs for Linux The number of malicious programs including viruses, malwares, trojans etc. written for Linux are very less when compared […]

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