Android Vs. iOS Security: There’s no Clear Winner

By Sidharth | Features

World, can you declare which one of the two — Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS — mobile operating system is the best out there? I think you all will agree when I say there is no clear winner. For some of us, however, Apple’s iOS is the best. For the rest, it is Google’s Android that is taking over the smartphone world by storm.

Both Android and iOS phones have a lot in common. They have the traditional unlock screen, huge number of apps, and a healthy hardware among many other things. But these heavy-weight champions, or any mobile OS for that matter, succumb to one challenging aspect: Security. And thus we ask ourselves: Is Android really secure? How does iOS compare to Android in terms of security?

An interesting infographics put together by Veracode shares insightful revelation of Android and iOS security.

Infographics of Android iOS Security

Discovering our smartphone’s mobile OS is vulnerable to threat can ignite a feeling of uneasiness in us. Our wall of hope that we have a smartphone with the best mobile OS crumbles down, ultimately bringing the worst out of us.

Luckily, this hasn’t been the case with Android and iOS. Despite the ongoing iPhone jailbreaks, iOS has been labelled as a stable mobile operating system. Android, on the other hand, is vulnerable to app-hijacking, but Google’s regular effort to cease these loopholes have come to fruition.

Written by Sidharth.

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