Angry Birds PSP, PS3 Game Available For Download in PSN

By Sidharth | Features

Angry Birds PSP GameAngry Birds, the game that has eclipsed millions of downloads, is finally entering the mainstream console domain. The game is now available for download on the shelves of the PlayStation Network (PSN) as a paid game for the PSP and PlayStation 3.

For the starters, in this game, players (read: you) take control of the flock of birds and flings them onto the group of pigs, because these naughty (and cute) pigs stole the eggs. So, it turns out the birds are angry and risk their lives to get back their eggs. Such birds are a rarity in real life.

Anyway, after finishing every meticulously designed levels (including the Angry Birds season edition), I’ve to admit this game is incredibly addictive. And it’s great to see an optimized version out there available for the PSP and PS3.

PSP Angry Birds JPG

Cost of Angry Birds on PSP

Okay, there is something the Angry Birds buyers should know. As of this writing, the PSP/PS3 version of Angry Birds game is available with 63 levels — umm…  only 63 levels? Not fair because both the iOS and Android Angry Birds version has over 150 levels of gameplay. However, I do assume that newer levels are likely in the works and will be available in the form of “updates.”

You can get Angry Birds for your PSP, PS3 device at £2.49 in the Playstation Network, that’s around $4 to get those amusing birds on your device.

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