Archos 101: Android Tablet PC [Features and Pricing Details]

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The race for the world’s best android tablet PC has been heating up over the past few weeks and it has seen some of the best competitors in the market showcasing their masterpieces. With big names such as BlackBerry, Samsung and HTC joining the race, Archos has decided to pop back in.

Till Feb 2010, Archos were the leading manufacturers of Android powered tablet PCs which took over the markets with their Archos 5 and Archos7 Home Tablets. With a failed attempt to get into the Windows 7 market with the Archos 9, they have now decided to enter the Android market with a faster, sleeker and better performing device.

The Archos 101 has been the answer that Archos fans have long awaited for.

Features of Archos 101 Tablet

The Archos 101 is a 10.1 inch tablet PC that runs on Android 2.2 2.1 and boasts of the highest quality video playback and audio playback that any handheld tablet has EVER seen. It comes with a 1024×600 High Resolution Screen and a processor speed of 1Gz. The ARM Cortex processor holds 3D OpenGL and processes a much faster ram compared to its competitors.

Archos have made their name in the market for being acclaimed of multimedia features that can be seen in their PhotoViewer, Audio Player and Video Player. It comes with a 802.11b WIFI adapter and as an added bonus, Archos have put in a 2.1 EDR Bluetooth chip for better connectivity.

With built in speakers, a front camera and microphone and G Sensor, the Archos 101 seems to be the real deal. The real review of the Archos 101 kicks off with its preinstalled applications. These include the likes of eBuddy, Wikipedia, Deezer, Fring and a few more. Packaging comes with its USB cable, a quick start guide and power charger. Weighing in at just under 500g, the Archos 101 is a definite win as a light weight, portable and fast tablet device.

Added features in the Archos 101 include the all new video streaming mode that users can use to link up to their PC or Mac and watch videos in HD. The UPnP connects via WIFI using the all new Samba firmware to give users better streaming ratios. Archos 101 also comes with 3D support for those that would like to carry a few games with them on the go. AppsLib is another program that allows users to download add on content and applications for their personalized experience.

Price of Archos 101 Tablet

While it may not be up to the graphics that one would see on an iPhone and iPad, it certainly does serve its purpose. The Archos 101 is expected to go on sale late November and should retail just under $500 $300. No pricing has been finalized as yet but is expected to hot stands soon enough.

Overall, the Archos 101 scores a 7/10 with its only deficit scoring as having a resistive capacitive touchscreen. Apart from that, it is a great buy for Android fans that are looking for a cheaper and much better alternative to the iPad or Galaxy Tab.

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