Audition at AGT (America’s Got talent) Show

By Sidharth | Features

YouTube, started as a simple video community now has tons of official channels that hosts various activities. Some of the popular channels: Movie channel, IPL Cricket channel, and now America’s Got Talent is hosted on YouTube.

What makes America’s Got talent show buzzing is the online audition system; America’s Got Talent are now looking for extreme talent through the YouTube platform. Candidates can now perform a audition video and upload it on YouTube.

The candidates will be selected by the panel of judges and then out of the 12 selected acts, one of them would emerge as the winner through the standard voting procedure.

Official America’s Got Talent YouTube Channel

Whether you’re a musician, comedian, magician or have any unique talent in you – Visit the YouTube channel of America’s Got talent at and submit your craziest talent act. Here is the Youtube + AGT announcement video:

The video should be atleast of 90 seconds, and the best selected videos will be aired on NBC on August 10. The benefit is you can perform the talent act right from your home with a camera and then upload it. Give several tries and practice your act, the last date for video submission is June 23, 2010. So a lot of time in your hands.

Official Audition Youtube Channel link:

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