Avoid the Facebook Red Theme Spam

By Sidharth | Features

Facebook, by default, is embellished with a blue skin sitewide and there’s no option to change this skin — unless you are using a browser addon to design your own version of Facebook, which will be visible only to you. Now that we are clear about that, we have yet another spam making rounds on Facebook. This one is promising to change your default Facebook skin to something more colorful.

The “Facebook Red” spam is yet another evolved trap from spammers. It promises to automagically apply a red theme on your Facebook profile, giving your account a “premium” look and feel. All this is fake, of course.

Spam on Facebook: Red Theme Photo

To activate this theme, you have to visit a link which, in actuality, is a doorway page created by spammers.

Similar to the iPhone 5 giveaway scam, the link points to a Tumblr site, which redirects to another offer page. Depending on your location, a form appears — filling this form or taking action, like adding credit card details, is equivalent to supporting spammers. They make money out of all this.

The spam not only uses your friend’s account to post a photo and link but also invites friends to have a look at it. The spam bubble gets bigger as all your friends will be tagged automatically. With more and more people clicking on the links or installing third-party applications, the spam has managed to hijack lots of account — it kind of gets irritating to see them pop up in our Facebook Timeline.

Stay away from this spam. Do not click on the link. That’s the only common sense advice we have for you.

Spammers have forged Facebook with great success and they are continuing to manipulate and effortlessly hijack Facebook accounts. The folks at Facebook recently implemented a new strategy where users will be charged $1 to sent messages, and the company believes this will bring a slow end to spam messages. Let’s see if spammers can stand the test of time — for now, it looks like they have been successful.

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