Best Custom Made PSP Device Designs. Modded PSPs

By Sidharth | Features

Custom designed gadgets are favored by many and owned by few. Although, Sony do release custom psp, but that’s a rarity. However, in this post I’ll be sharing some of the best custom made and custom built PSP devices that I’ve come across which might be helpful if you are thinking to design/mod your psp case..

Custom Made PSP Devices

PSP Bugatti Veyron Edition

A conceptual design from Chan lee that transforms PSP Go into an mind blowing Bugatti Veyron car. The concept of this psp design is yet to be materialized and this is gonna be definitely my favorited psp among the others.


PSP God of War Design

With red LEDs, this God of war PSP edition was auctioned on ebay for around $500 including the velvety box as shown. Definitely valuable piece of gadget for the die hard God of war fans. (Who doesn’t like God of war) 😉


Aeronoko Custom Built PSP

It couldn’t get any better than owning an realistic psp with dual analog sticks and custom lighting, this is another modded psp from an psp forum member that is simple and super cool.


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