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From ENIAC to Micro computer, then the laptops, notebooks, PDA’s and now we have Internet tablets. These ‘special’ gadgets are perhaps the best portable web browsing devices that are a boon for internet junkies.

Internet tablets have been available for quite sometime now, but, has been transformed to light weight, high specs device overtime. From what we see – Internet tablets are definitely going to be a popular gadget sooner as we already have some of the internet tablets in-the-making such as Apple web tablet and Crunchpad that looks sleek.

Here are some of the best internet tablets list that have been quite popular due to it’s usefulness and features:

Crunchpad by Techcrunch

Crunch pad is a product from Michael Arrington who owns a popular technology blog – Techcrunch. This touch screen internet tablet will be mainly used for browsing the internet (using Firefox browser) with webcam and microphone built on custom linux software.


The final price of the crunchpad has been fluctuating, initially it was supposed to be 200$ and now Michael announces the price tag to be in-between 300$-400$ during it’s first release that will take place by 2009.

Apple Web Tablet

In the race of best internet tablets, Apple have already come up with one of the expensive web tablet gadget that has dynamic keyboard, 7-10 inch screen and is slimmer than the laptops.


This elegant Apple tablet used Mac operating system and the price is supposed to be 700$ to 1000$ which is hopefully going to be released on Feb, 2010. Looks supercool.

Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

Nokia coins 770 as an ‘internet tablet’ which blends some of the best features a device can have for completing the tasks effectively. The Nokia tablet is meant for hassle-free browsing with it’s ultra slim design, though the design reflects it as a console or PDA device but it’s not.


Nokia 770 tablet costs around 200$ to 300$ and is suitably good for wi-fi browsing or chatting with your friends using web messenger.

Archos 5 Internet Tablet

This is a newly released web tablet powered out of new Google Android, Archos | 5 internet tablet has the capability to playback HD videos of any video format, play games, music and radio from hosted providers as well as store upto 500GB of data (additional charges).


Archos internet tablet is available at amazon for 300$ (16GB) and 430$ for 500GB model which is quite affordable.

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