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If your hidden desire to be a popular espionage keeps creeping your mind, then you can at least satisfy it to some extent by owning a spy watch which is definitely an interesting gadget to have.

Moreover, if you have a big pocket then you can go for the best and the expensive spy watches which will surely help you to see yourself somewhere in the shoes of Sherlock Holmes.

Besides being an everyday gadget, these spy watches also proves to be very helpful if you wish to keep an eye on your business partner or carry out any secretive activity on them. The market is flooded with wide range of spy watches and the list of some of the best spy watches is as follows.

DVR Spy Watch:

Built stylishly is this watch for men which includes video camera, digital video recorder and a microphone in it. Thus by compacting wide array of technology in one small piece it proves to be a perfect choice if you wish to gather some video evidence without getting recognized.

Other features of this watch include 8GB internal memory, capable of taking JPG pictures, discrete video recording and many others.

Digital Watch Camera:

This remarkable piece of technology proves to be a perfect surveillance gadget as its 3.7mm F2.7 lens allows you to capture 320 photos having resolution of 640 X 480.

In order to make sure that you are capturing the right material needed, there is a LCD display in this watch as well.

DiskGo USB Watch:

This interesting watch has 2GB of memory where you can save all the needed information.

It also proves to be an apt choice when you want to sneak into the data of a PC as it features plug and play USB port that provides quick access.

DiskGo wrist Watch also has 2 USB cords in it for easy and convenient data transfer and is definitely a stylish spying gadget deserving its stay in the top spy watches list.

KB-MP1700 -Voice Recorder Watch:

If audio is an utmost importance to you in your spy plan then KB-MP1700 the voice recorder watch will prove to be your true companion.

This interesting and effective watch has 256MB of flash memory that is capable of storing up to 9 hours of audio recording.

So just get your hands on any one of these watches and make a move towards your spy mission.

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