Digg New Design Coming Soon! Digg Version 4

By Sidharth | Features

Digg is a popular public aggregator that has been silently and consistently striving to provide top quality news within the digg community. And now, the company takes it one step further by launching a brand new digg design.

Recently Digg sent out a video along with couple of screenshots of the upcoming digg design that is said to be available in coming months. The new digg: Digg Version 4, has considerable changes that has features worth a look.

What’s New in Digg Version 4

Firstly, the new digg version allows you to follow people, not just digg people but also twitter and facebook users can be followed right from your digg profile. All the updates will be received in a new personalized digg page.

Here are the screenshots of the Digg new design that was revealed today.



While the ‘digging’ action remains the same, submitting story has seen some changes and is much more simplified. Interesting stories, that are dugg by your friends, are also shown in the digg sidebar.

While many do believe the concept is somewhat influenced from facebook and twitter, but the new digg is certainly more engaging and provides visibility to larger audience because any dugg story is seen on the personalized homepage of your followers.

Check out the video where Kevin Rose talks about the upcoming Digg..

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