Digital Cameras Versus Cellphone Cameras

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If you’re an amateur photographer out to buy your first camera to serve some of your basic needs, you will surely face this dilemma. Whether to go for the ‘play-it-safe’ digital camera (I’m talking about point and shoots) or go for those oh so alluring all-in-one cell phones that comes with almost the same number of mega-pixels and so much more.

But the fact of the matter is that photography is about much more than the number of mega-pixels on your device. Here are five reasons why you should always pick digital cameras over cell phones.

Digital Cameras Versus Cellphone Cameras

1) Clarity – Clarity is something you shall always find lacking in cell phone pictures because of a single lens element. The clarity that digital cameras achieve with their multiple lens elements is incomparable with any cell phone camera, no matter how many mega-pixels it is. So fact of the matter is a cell phone camera will never yield a sharp and clear picture.

2) Colour Depth – A cell phone camera will not be able to capture colour accurately due to white balance and auto exposure. This will cause colour shifts depending on what colour the sensor is picking up. Digital cameras on the other hand have a whole slew of electronic components present to assist in this effort resulting in almost true to life colour reproduction.

3) Responsiveness – Cell Phones unlike digital cameras are not built only for photography purposes so it is fairly obvious that they will not contain as many photography aides.

One of them being drive motors for bursting which gives digital cameras (especially dSLRs) almost zero shutter lag. You click the button and the moment is captured. This is not the case with cell phone cameras where the annoying shutter lag can make you miss many a good moments.

4) Low light photography – digital cameras trump cell phone cameras totally in this department (and all others). The flashes on a cell phone are terrible and of little or no use. Plus they have a tendency to cause red eye – who wants that in their pictures?

5) Sensor – Even though the cell phone manufacturers would have you believe that their product is as good as any camera out there, it isn’t. And the reason for that are the sensors on these devices. Digital cameras feature a very sensitive CCD or CMOS sensor which results in much better pictures. So unless the cell phone manufacturers come out with Phones having the same sensors as digital cameras it will always be a one-sided battle.

So there you have it folks, five reasons why you should buy a stand alone device for taking pictures and not be lured into buying an all-in-one cell Phone.

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