Fastest Way to Access Google Street View [No Flash Required]

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We understand Google Street View doesn’t display results in real-time, it’s occasionally slow, and sometimes choppy when you zoom in or out. Here’s a promising website that fixes all these minor issues and brings Street View on our web browsers. QSView is what Google Street View should be in the first place.

QSView offers real-time results, and let me tell you the site is blazingly fast. As you are typing an address in QSView’s search box, the site quickly fetches and displays panoramic view (street view) in the background.

Viewing Google Street on Browser

We think QSView is quite possibly the best Google Street View site we have seen so far.

Viewing stores in Bangalore with Google Street View

There are a couple of useful buttons to the right of the search box. The first button shows random street view if you cannot come up with a location to search. Button next to that allows you to switch between map view and street view. The third button lets you download the current location in a JPG image format. The button to the extreme right, the last button, is for sharing the current location.

QSView Works Without Flash Plugin

Site like this generally requires flash plugin installed on the browser, but QSView is an exception. It works on smartphones (tested on iPhone) and tablets without any issues.

Google Street View without Flash on iPhone Browser

If you haven’t tried QSView yet, do so by visiting the link given below:


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