Learn Basic Programming Concepts through Khan Academy

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There is an interesting story behind KhanAcademy.org. Salman Khan, owner of this non-profit site launched in 2004, believed uploading videos to YouTube is probably the easiest way to tutor his cousin. Unexpectedly, students worldwide found these videos extremely useful and Khan ultimately left his job to produce videos every day.

Today, prominent figures like Bill Gates and companies like Google have extended their hand to support Salman Khan in building a free virtual school. There are over 3000 educational videos and nearly 175 million views on Khan Academy’s YouTube channel. And the number just keeps growing every day.

Free Computer Science Course

The newly added project to Khan Academy helps you learn programming. There’s no need of any prior programming knowledge to get started; anyone can use this course to learn the basics of programming by visiting khanacademy.org/cs

Learning how to code by watching videos is probably the best way to understand programming concepts. The new project brings exactly that, and much more to the table: one can also ask questions and use interactive tools to understand how programming really works.

New videos are added regularly to the course. For now, if you are new to programming and want to get your foot in the door, this project is going to help you get started.

How to use Khan Academy’s Computer Science Project

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